Past Is Prologue

Max Braiman & Sergei Kanev
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Past Is Prologue

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  • Max Braiman & Sergei Kanev - Past is prologue (Orginal Mix)
  • Max Braiman & Sergei Kanev - Past Is Prologue (Den Rize Remix)

We are proud to present our next release; a collaboration effort between Arcana regular Max Braiman and a new producer on the scene, Sergei Kanev.

With strong percussion and bass from the very start, this track will certainly get the uplifting levels in any set rising!

Teasing guitar melodies are seamlessly combined with beautiful piano lines, as the track drops into its break, which leads into a catchy plucked melody that climaxes into the drop.

On remix duty we have Den Rize, who has transformed the track, bringing it into a totally new direction. With moody bassline grooves and short stab melodies it’s sure to entice listeners!

The break introduces beautiful pads complimented with a simply stunning pluck melody line, followed shortly by the introduction of the huge stabs which sees the track through to the end.

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