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‘Adastra’ is the collaborative efforts of Fernando ‘Nando’ Ruiz, a musician from Florida, Santos ‘Excess’ Torres, a DJ from New Jersey, and Adam Shornys a producer from Canada. Although 2011 marks the start of their work together, these three are no strangers to dance music.

Fernando, currently 25 years old, has been writing his own music for six years, and has been classically trained in multiple instruments since his childhood. Santos, age 21, had his start in dance music in a different manner, opting to first focus on his DJing career – and while he still loves playing for a crowd, his latest interests have been geared towards the intricate art of music production. Lastly, Adam is 21 years old and has been producing edm for over four years.

Together, this trio showcases a true passion for melodic, forward thinking electronic music with the dance floor at the heart of their creations.

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